Process Documentation Program
Exhibit 3
Standard Flowchart Symbols

Symbol Meaning
Terminal Block (Oblong) - Shows the beginning and the end of the process.
Process Block – Shows actions in the process. An operation is performed whenever some change in an item/service occurs.
Decision Point – Shows a point in the process where a decision is made that leads to different processing steps.
Document - Shows a document introduced into the process or created by the process. The flowchart should show the disposition of all documents.
Input / Output (Parallelogram) – Identifies key inputs or outputs of a process.
On-Page Connector – Continues the flow on the same page. On-page connectors are defined with an alpha character starting with A.
Off-Page Connector – Continues the flow to another page. Off-page connectors are defined with an alpha character and the reference to the page to which the flow is going, or the page from which the flow has come, depending on the nature of the connector.
Direction of Flow – Denotes the direction and order of the process steps.
Electronic Connection/Flow - Denotes flow of data from an activity to an electronic database or system.
Off-line Storage - Denotes a storage location, generally for hard-copy documents, such as a filing cabinet. It may also be used to represent a temporary storage such as a drawer or even a clipboard.
Annotation – Used to add additional notes to the flowchart and reference the notes to a symbol on the flowchart.
Unit Separator – Use to separate units or individuals performing tasks.
System – Represents a computer system. Generally this symbol is used to denote a manual interface with an automated system, typically an application.
Simultaneous Preparation – This symbol is used to represent automated preparation or processing of information operating simultaneously but separately from a manual process.
Note Symbol – The note number symbol references notes in the left-hand margin of the flowchart.
Product Symbol – This symbol denotes physical product entering the process.
Hyperlink Symbol – This symbol indicates a hyperlink to another file, document, website, etc.

Updated Jan 18 , 2006